Program Co-Sponsors

Social Science Research Council
The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is an independent nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of social science research and scholarship. Founded in New York City in 1923 as the world's first national coordinating body of the social sciences, it is today an international resource for interdisciplinary, innovative public social science. The Council has a mission to lead innovation in the social sciences, build interdisciplinary and international networks, mobilize knowledge on important public issues, and educate and train the next generation of social science researchers

Arab Cultural and Community Center
The mission of the ACCC is to serve both the Arab-American and the greater Bay Area community through cultural programs, outreach, and social services. The ACCC is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Arab culture through the arts, performance, and education, in addition to providing social services such as legal referrals, career counseling, after school programs, ESL classes, cultural competency training, health programs, and more. The ACCC serves over 6000 people annually and seeks to educate and inform the larger Bay Area community about Arab culture and the contributions that Arab-Americans make to the social and cultural fabric of the Bay Area.

Asia Society Northern California
Drawing on its strength as one of the nation's pre-eminent educational and networking links between Americans and Asians, the Asia Society in Northern California strives to offer fresh perspectives on the forces and issues that are shaping Asia's relations with California, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the world. Through lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, conferences, cultural events, and country briefings, the Northern California Regional Center presents the uniqueness and diversity of Asia to the Bay Area community. As one of the Asia Society's newest locations, the Northern California Regional Center is uniquely positioned on the edge of the Pacific and the entrance to Silicon Valley. As technology and Asia's growth and development continue to change the face of the world we live in, the Northern California office presents timely and relevant forums for enhancing public understanding of these developments and their impact on the local community. Program focus this next year will highlight business and policy, technology, and social issues.

Islamic Networks Group
ING is an educational outreach organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area with affiliates throughout the U.S. Founded in 1993; ING promotes interfaith dialogues and education about world religions. Utilizing trained and certified speakers, ING annually delivers thousands of presentations and other educational programs in schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, and community organizations. ING reaches hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of individuals a year at the local, grassroots level, thereby building bridges among people of all faiths and none. ING's mission is to be the global leader in promoting inter-religious understanding, tolerance and harmony by increasing religious literacy. is a digital town square where you can share conversation and links about world events with speakers outside your language community. Everything that gets posted on is mirrored in Arabic and English - whether it's the headlines you read, the comments you write, or the articles you share. Meedan's mission is to further global understanding and tolerance through technology. At Meedan, we think the web can play a big part in bringing people together to help heal mutual enmity and distrust.So we aim to increase the number of cross-language interactions on the web between Arabic and English speakers.