Recent Fiction & Non-Fiction from or about the Muslim World

Note: Academic works are listed as references in the relevant sections on the history of Islam in the three world regions of the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.


  • Diana Abu-Jaber, Crescent; The Language of Baklava; Arabian Jazz
  • Saher Alam, The Groom To Have Been
  • Rabih Alameddine, The Hakawati 
  • Alaa Al Aswany, Chicago; The Yacoubian Building
  • Nadeem Aslam, The Wasted Vigil, Maps for Lost Lovers
  • Anouar Benmalek, The Lovers of Algeria 
  • Tahar Ben Jelloun, Leaving Tangier
  • Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist 
  • Mohammed Hanif, The Case of Exploding Mangoes
  • Yasmana Khadra, The Swallows of Kabul; The Sirens of Baghdad
  • Uzma Aslam Khan, Trespassing; The Geometry of God 
  • Michael Muhammad Knight, The Taqwacores; Osama Van Halen
  • Laila Lalami, Secret Son; Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits
  • Hisham Matar, In the Country of Men 
  • Daniyal Mueenuddin, In Other Rooms, Other Wonders
  • Ali Sethi, The Wish Maker 
  • Elif Shafak, The Bastard of Istanbul 
  • Kamila Shamsie, Burnt Shadows; Kartography
  • Ahdaf Soueif, The Map of Love
  • Hanan al-Syakh, Only in London
  • Bahaa Taher, Sunset Oasis; Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery


  • Salman Ahmad, Rock and Roll Jihad
  • Nuha al-Radi, Baghdad Diaries
  • Sadanand Dhume, My Friend the Fanatic: Travels with a Radical Islamist
  • Ed Husain, The Islamist
  • Firoozeh Dumas, Funny in Farsi
  • Azadeh Moaveni, Lipstick Jihad
  • Anthony Shadid, Legacy of the Prophet: Despots, Democrats and the New Politics of Islam
  • Raja Shehadeh, Palestinian Walks; Strangers in the House: Coming of Age in Occupied Palestine
  • Hanan al-Syakh, The Locust and the Bird: My Mother's Story